E. M. Williams

UW Arts Faculty quad

University of Waterloo’s Arts Faculty features Chaos Calling

This past September, I attended Orientation Week with the University of Waterloo’s Arts Faculty. I went back to campus to join other alumni in meeting with first-year students.

There’s something special about visiting a campus in the fall. It’s always a treat to see how much the campus has changed since I graduated. I also enjoyed meeting my peers. We took questions about our experiences as students, and talked about our post-Waterloo careers.

Enjoyed being on the Arts Faculty panel with so many interesting people. From left: Kelvin, Jeena, Sean, Tara, Emma, me and Joanna.

Waterloo’s Arts Faculty also featured Chaos Calling in:

  1. The ever-popular Class Notes section.
  2. Books by Waterloo’s Arts alumni. I’d heard of Julie Cole’s Mabel’s Labels (find me a Greater Toronto parent who hasn’t), and read Rupi Kaur‘s poetry before. Sabrina Rizk, listed here for her children’s book, also shared a house with me and other students for several terms.

Studying at the University of Waterloo was a formative experience for me. While I didn’t study creative writing, I learned a lot of writing and business skills that have carried me through several careers.

The Waterloo sign in the Arts Quad. You can see Dana Porter Library looming through the trees to the right and Modern Languages in the background.

I knew early on in Chaos Calling‘s development that Dave would have a software background and that he’d founded a company. I wanted him to have a great campus environment, preferably at a school where I’d spent a lot of time. (It sure does cut down on the research.)

While I didn’t study engineering or math myself, I ended up working with many people who did. Making him a fellow Waterloo alum just made sense.

Thank you to Phoebe Wong and the Arts Faculty team for inviting me!