Amazon release kicks off the The Xenthian Cycle, a fantasy action series set in Toronto

E. M. Williams publishes Chaos Calling on Amazon
E. M. Williams has published Chaos Calling: Book I of The Xenthian Cycle as an ebook on Amazon

TORONTO (May 31, 2022) — Today, E. M. Williams publishes Chaos Calling: Book I of The Xenthian Cycle on Amazon as an ebook.

Set in contemporary Toronto, the series juxtaposes modern-day careers and parenthood demands with the dynamic action of a superhero film. 

Consequently, Chaos Calling‘s diverse cast also features adults in their mid-30s with superhero-like powers.

“I’m a long-time fan of superhero stories,” says Williams. “Toronto is a popular place to film all kinds of movies and TV shows. But, few fantasy and science fiction stories are set here. I was excited to tell a story where Toronto could be itself.”

Chaos Calling features many recognizable Toronto locations, including the SkyDome, Queen’s Park, the Stockyards, MaRS Discovery District, and Montecito Restaurant.

“My characters’ careers reflect my experiences working in healthcare and startups,” says Williams. “I’ve lived in Toronto all of my adult life, and it was important to me to create a cast of characters who reflect the wonderful people I’ve met here.”

Chaos Calling named a Hot New Release in contemporary fantasy

In April 2022, preorders for the Chaos Calling ebook launched on Amazon. It was named a Hot New Release in contemporary fantasy, and remained in the Top 80 until launch.

Readers can also experience the ebook through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Program. It allows subscribers to read an unlimited number of books for a set fee. The trade paperback edition is forthcoming in June.  

Beginning in 2014, Williams wrote three drafts of Chaos Calling using the Wattpad app while riding the TTC. She finished the novel during the Covid-19 pandemic. Across the project, she worked with 26 beta readers, two sensitivity readers, an editor, a copywriter, and a proofreader.

Williams collaborated with several Toronto designers to create a strong reading experience. For example, she worked with illustrator Helen He to visualize the series villains. Designer Wesley Lyn used He’s sketches to create the book cover for Chaos Calling and design the series brand.

“So many people encouraged me along this journey,” says Williams. “I’m excited to share this novel and help it find readers.”