Welcome to the redesigned webiste! As always, it feels surreal and great to share my work with you.

The new site layout is cleaner and more airy. I loved the original look and feel, but this one should be more sustainable. It’s got better search features and (I hope) a more engaging home page.

If you’re new, here’s what you’ll find on this site: 

  • News about my books, in-progress work, and events. 
  • Updates on The Xenthian Cycle.
  • Resources I continue to use in my book research.
  • Links to my social media profiles. I’m most active on TikTok, GoodReads, and Instagram. I’ve mothballed my Twitter and Facebook accounts for the most part. My presences remain there to prevent squatting.
  • Book recommendations for other authors whose work I’ve read and loved. 

The best way to stay in touch is to subscribe to my mailing list. I respect your time and inbox: I only reach out when I’ve got news to share. 

This site also complies with Canada’s anti-spam legislation. If you subscribe, your email address will not be shared with anyone.  

While I wish pen names were ironclad, the reality is doing anything image-based in 2022 means my writing life and my professional life must inevitably sit side-by-side. So, if you’re looking for me in my start-up context, you can find that version of me here

I’m proud to have redesigned Web overhauls are a lot of work, and I’m grateful to the designers who worked with me.

It’s fantastic to welcome you back after so many months of preparation. Thanks for visiting!