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Graphic showcasing the Abundantly Aware podcast: From manuscript to self-published author with E. M. Williams EP 43

I’m on the Abundantly Aware Podcast!

Katie Woodruff, host of the Abundantly Aware Podcast, invited me on her show to talk about being a self-published author and working with creativity as an artist.

We recorded the episode in February 2022 and it aired on March 9, 2023. Here’s where you can listen:

On the Abundantly Aware podcast, Katie Woodruff explores how to help overwhelmed creatives move from paralyzed to empowered. It’s a transition so many of us want to make and aren’t sure exactly what to do, but as a coach it’s the kind of thing Katie thinks about a lot. Her episodes are conversational, revolving around relatable stories on a given topic.

Katie and I connected on Instagram. I saw Katie’s content mentioned by Kirsti McNabney, host of the Thinking About podcast who had me on her show last month. I went to check out Katie’s work, pitched her my story, and we hit it off.

We ended up having a great conversation about writing Chaos Calling and my journey through self-publishing. We also talk about the choices I’m glad I made on my journey and things I would adjust if I had my time over again.

Who is this conversation for? Anyone who wants to write a book or is interested in learning more about writing, self-publishing and chasing creative goals.

Topics we cover on the Abundantly Aware Podcast

  • 1:00 — How I got into self-publishing and why it was the right choice for me
  • 5:00 — The myth of overnight success in the arts and in other fields.
  • 6:00 — How Chaos Calling came to me as a project.
  • 10:30 — The importance of getting good feedback early and often.
  • 12:00 — What choices I would make again with the creative process: The best decision I made was not to talk too much about the plot until the draft was finished and then when it was ready for primetime.
  • 17:00 — My creativity model and why I don’t believe you have to suffer to make art.
  • 24:00 — Why you can’t let fear drive when you’re building something new and how I think about writing books and reviewing books by other authors.
  • 32:00 — The joy of crowd response when you achieve a goal you’ve been chasing your whole life contrasted to the resting power of the Velvet Ditch.
  • 35:00 — Authors I’m reading and enjoying.
  • 37:20 — I pitch Chaos Calling to Katie Woodruff’s audience and tell her where to find it on Amazon.

If you’d like to watch us talk, you can do that there:

E. M. Williams on Episode 42 of the Abundantly Aware podcast

The best part? Katie told me on International Women’s Day that she’s got a copy of the book, which is the greatest kind of message to get at 3 pm on a Wednesday.

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