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I’m thrilled to announce that Kirkus Magazine included Chaos Calling: Book I of The Xenthian Cycle in their February 2023 edition.

Kirkus magazine excerpt
Page 181 of Kirkus Magazine‘s February 1, 2023 issue.

Their review of my book appears on page 181 of 184. It’s the last page of book reviews before the “Seen & Heard” and “In Retrospect” sections that close this special issue.

I’m thrilled with the placement.

How did this Kirkus Magazine showcase happen?

Last week, I got a follow-up email from Kirkus’ editorial team informing me that their review of Chaos Calling would be in the Feb 1 edition. Coincidentally, it’s also their 90th anniversary edition.

You can’t buy that kind of placement: It’s done entirely at their discretion. I’m told less than 10% of indie books get selected for this additional round of marketing.

The magazine’s audience includes publishing professionals (e.g., agents and editors), librarians, book buyers for independent bookstores, translators, foreign rights buyers, and readers who follow the magazine’s recommendations.

The online audience skews even higher toward readers looking for a good read.

As a result, getting a Kirkus review is prestigious and competitive. To avoid being inundated with review requests from independent authors, the process is pay-to-play. I’ve written more about how to navigate it here.