EMW on Learning with Lerner

Lindsey Lerner, host of the Learning with Lerner Podcast, invited me on her show to talk about being a self-published author and marketing consultant.

Since this show involves both work me and writing me, the interview is attributed to my full name. We will pretend it’s E. M. Williams as usual. My pseudonym is more about being intentional regarding which part of my life I’m speaking to than an attempt to conceal my gender or create iron-clad anonymity, but that’s a whole other discussion.

The episode originally aired on August 14 and runs for about 40 minutes. Here’s where you can listen:

On Learning with Lerner, Lindsay interviews unconventional leaders who have blazed trails in a variety of ways. Her goal is to challenge norms, explore unique journeys, and ignite personal growth for the show’s audience.

Lindsey and I connected on email after I heard the Nightingales on her podcast earlier in the year. I enjoyed Lindsey’s interviewing style so much that pitching my own story was the next logical step.

We ended up having a great conversation about leadership, mentorship, learning how to do hard things by doing them before you feel ready, crowdfunding, launching a consultancy, cracking my own creative productivity code to write Chaos Calling, and why I don’t think you have to suffer to make art.

Who is this conversation for?

Anyone pursuing an unconventional path who wants to hear more from people with similar ambitions in adjacent fields.

Topics we covered on the Learning with Lerner Podcast

  • 1:55 — Living in Toronto and a bit about my family history, along with my childhood desire to write
  • 3:00 — Integrating creativity without bankrupting your existence; the myth of artistic suffering; Big Magic
  • 9:50 — How I cracked the secret to figuring out my creative productivity process; the ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ story; Chaos Calling’s origins in movement and Wattpad
  • 16:40 — Being a woman in a field dominated by men; working in tech and academia; how those experiences informed Dave Montcalm’s and Jason Lin’s storylines; using commuting and consulting to make art
  • 24:00 — What my typical day looks like now
  • 25:20 — Changes in technology and research across my working life
  • 26:50 — Mentorship’s role in my career and why I believe in giving back; working with Growclass
  • 28:00 — How crowdfunding helped me develop the skills to launch a self-published book
  • 32:00 — I pitch Chaos Calling to Lindsey’s listeners
  • 33:35 — My career advice on how to go rogue and work for yourself
  • 35:45 — Telling people what you do when you have multiple career pursuits; being comfortable with self promotion
  • 37:00 — Best and worst career advice I ever got; inspiration is super weird

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