Chaos is Calling!

Chaos Calling is the first novel in The Xenthian Cycle, a new contemporary fantasy/action series set in Toronto by E. M. Williams. 

Paperback and ebook editions are now available on Amazon, and through Kindle Unlimited.

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Set in Toronto and featuring a diverse cast, The Xenthian Cycle tells the story of adult twins and their childhood best friend. Now in their mid-30s, Anna, Jason, and Dave must juggle career demands with family responsibilities while realizing that their strange shared past was actually training for the end of the world.

" I really truly enjoyed this book. I think it's so wonderful to have a true representation of Toronto and finally get to read a book not set in the US or UK."

– Amazon Customer –

"Such a great read! Totally got me out of a reading slump and absolutely loved the Toronto setting in a fantasy book. Cannot wait to read the rest of the series!"

– Kirsti –

" This is an excellent read and a great way to pass the time I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading CHAOS CALLING !!!! "

– Allan –

" I really love this book & I can’t wait for the next ones. The writing is incredible. I really loved the plot & all the action. "

- Natalia -

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by E. m. Williams

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In this series opener, Williams aptly develops this trio of protagonists. The twins, for example, begin the story estranged, having had dramatically different responses to their mother’s chemotherapy and subsequent death. [...] The novel’s latter half rarely slows down, as even the Xenthians’ taking a breather retains the intensity of an active battlefield. [...] Readers may want some answers in the sequel but will surely look forward to more superpowered clashes.

- Kirkus Reviews -

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